Install golang-migrate Inside a Docker Container

To run database migrations using golang-migrate in a pipeline for a Go application, we need the binary migrate command available in the container.

Installing the database migration utility golang-migrate for Go inside a Linux container can be accomplished with the following.
Add this to the Dockerfile (note: the full path):

RUN go install -tags 'postgres'
RUN ln -s /go/bin/linux_amd64/migrate /usr/local/bin/migrate

After running docker build and run, SSH into the container to see if everything is correct.
Use docker ps to get the container ID. The following commands accomplish this:

$ docker build -t my-tag .

$ docker run -d -p 5000:5000 my-tag

$ docker ps
8e402138e4b2 my-tag ...

$ docker exec -it 8e402138e4b2 /bin/sh

Now we should have a shell inside the container.
Check if the migrate command installed correctly:

/# which migrate

This should show a path to the command, e.g.:


Check the version of the command:

/# migrate -version

This should show, e.g.:


The container should now be able to run Go database migrations, preferably by running a startup script when the container starts.


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