Change Commit Message Length Limit in Commitlint Config

Writing descriptive commit messages is helpful to readers of code; sometimes the default limit for the number of characters enforced by Commitlint in a given configuration is too short for descriptions of very specific changes. To change the character length limit do the following.
Suppose we are using an existing set of rules (in this example, the Angular config) and just want to change the character limit to 200.
The config file below should achieve this:


module.exports = {
  extends: ['@commitlint/config-angular'],
  rules: {
    'header-max-length': [2, 'always', 200],

This will use all of the rules from config-angular but override the commit message length rule (header-max-length).

The first element 2 means “throw error” (1 means “warning”, 0 means “disable the rule”).


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