Generate a Diagram for a Keras Model on macOS

We can output a visualization of a Keras deep learning model using the plot_model utility function.

First the dependencies need to be installed:

$ pip install pydot
$ pip install pydotplus
$ pip install graphviz

We also need the graphviz binary:

$ sudo port install graphviz

It is also possible to use Brew (brew install graphviz).

This example code outputs a model diagram:

from keras import layers
from keras import models
from keras.utils import plot_model

network = models.Sequential()

network.add(layers.Dense(512, activation='relu', input_shape=(28*28,)))
network.add(layers.Dense(10, activation='softmax'))


This will generate the model plot in a PNG file named model.png by default.

View the result diagram image:

$ open model.png

Result image:


We can also specify a different file name in the call:

plot_model(network, to_file='my-model.png')

To also include layer shapes in the plot, omitted by default:

plot_model(network, show_shapes=True)

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