Mock Only a Single Function from a Module with Jest

Recall that using jest.mock(module) mocks every function exported from the module.

But sometimes we need to mock only one or some functions in a module, leaving the others’ real implementations as-is.

Suppose we are using the following module of functions:


const f = () => 'Return from f'
const g = () => 'Return from g'
const h = () => 'Return from h'

module.exports = {

The code below uses a Jest spy with a mock implementation to mock out just one function while leaving alone the original implementations of the other two.


const functions = require('./my-functions')

describe('mock only one function from module', () => {
  it('should return only one mocked result', () => {
    jest.spyOn(functions, 'g')
      .mockImplementation(() => '_mock_')


    expect(functions.f()).toEqual('Return from f')
    expect(functions.h()).toEqual('Return from h')

Running the tests:

$ jest my-functions.test.js
PASS ./my-functions.test.js
mock only one function from module
✓ should return only one mocked result (14ms)

console.log my-functions.test.js:8
Return from f

console.log my-functions.test.js:9

console.log my-functions.test.js:10
Return from h

Test Suites: 1 passed, 1 total
Tests: 1 passed, 1 total
Snapshots: 0 total
Time: 0.956s
Ran all test suites matching /my-functions.test.js/i.

Note that only g() returns a mocked string.


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