Mount a Host Machine Directory Inside a Multipass VM

To be able to access files on a host machine from a Multipass Ubuntu VM, we can mount the local directory into the virtual machine.

Assuming we have a host system directory my-stuff, we can mount it into the VM with:

$ multipass mount my-stuff primary:/home/ubuntu/my-stuff

Note the required name primary which refers to the VM instance name.

Check that the mount shows up correctly in Multipass:

$ multipass info primary

This should show your local and VM directory, with a line similar to:

Mounts: /Users/abc/Documents/my-stuff => /home/ubuntu/my-stuff

SSH into the VM to see the directory:

$ multipass shell
ubuntu@primary:~$ ls my-stuff

The directory should now be accessible inside the VM and we can share files between the host machine and VM.

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